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Version 2.1 – FREE upgrade to VectorScribe2 customers!

Great  functionality: Extend Path Tool spiral mode and Wacom pressure-sensitivity with the Smart Remove Brush Tool. Learn more by watching the version 2.1 video…

Be super fast, super smooth and super dynamic

VectorScribe2 brings you new toolsets plus enhancements on existing features…

Smart Brush Removal Tool as part of VectorScribe2 greatly reducing the point count on an expanded stroke

Smart Remove Brush Tool

Make a clean sweep of your artwork by effortlessly removing excess points with this magic brush. Either you choose which points to intelligently remove or let the brush work for you automatically.

It’s like being the magician’s apprentice!

Extend Path Tool as part of VectorScribe2 naturally extending and trimming a Bezier curve with ease

Path Extend Tool

Imagine your artwork suggesting to YOU where to go — like the paths are growing and extending themselves! This tool can be used both creatively in a natural, fluid style or more technically.

For added precision, extend OR trim to exact lengths, ideal for fashion designers, technical illustrators…

Dynamic Corners as part of VectorScribe being applied to a series of lines and curves

Dynamic Corners Tool

Amazing ability to add AND NOW detect rounded corners to one or more points on a path dynamically.

Apply or edit corners:

  • interactively to any path or dynamic shape
  • to straight and curve path segments (dynamic or not)
  • to one or more points on a path simultaneously

Dynamic Shapes - helping to easily create a gear cog using a star with rounded points

Dynamic Shapes Tool

Create, recognise, convert and control shapes — and do it dynamically!

Interactive and numeric control over number of points, segments and sides, true shape origin, height, width and diameter, corner radius and slice angles.

Dynamic shapes can also be used for text areas, image clipping masks, within Live Paint artwork and have live Effects applied to them, whilst remaining dynamic.

PathScribe as part of VectorScribe controlling multiple Bezier curve handles simultaneously

PathScribe Tool – Edit Vector Paths

Makes editing and refining vector paths far quicker and easier than with Illustrator’s pen tool. It allows you to drag straight lines into co-operative curves, remove redundant points, smart remove selected points whilst keeping the overall path profile, select and manipulate multiple handles simultaneously and switch effortlessly between corner and smooth points.

NEW in 2: Ghost Handles and Smart Smooth

Dynamic Measure used to measure fashion design garment - distance along path

Dynamic Measure Tool – Quick and Accurate Measurements

Measure anywhere on your art board and convert this information into your artwork. All measurements from simple lengths and angles to advanced distances along paths remain dynamic and don’t affect your artwork, removing any guesswork and tedious calculations. Ideal for fashion designers right through to cartographers.

Protractor as part of VectorScribe allowing designers to draw at an angle in Illustrator

Protractor – Draw at Set Angles

Simple but very helpful tool to define custom angles for drawing. Easy to use and time saving.

Tool Functionality

New functionality added to VectorScribe2 since original launch denoted by NEW statements. These are FREE updates for all VectorScribe2 customers.

Smart Remove Brush Tool

  • Interactively smart remove excessive points in selected paths
  • Variable brush size
  • NEW: Pressure-sensitive control with a graphic tablet
  • Tolerance level to automate process
  • Protect selected points

Extend Path Tool

  • Quickly and interactively extend or trim any path
  • Bezier curve extension methods: Single, Constant Radius, Straight, Spiral (NEW)
  • Reverse curvature of constant radius extension
  • Snap to intersecting path on extend and trim
  • Constrain length by multiples (total path length or change in length)
  • Display lengths whilst editing (absolute or percentage)

Dynamic Corners

  • Apply and detect corners interactively to any path or shape
  • Corner types: Rounded / Negative rounded / Chamfer
  • Methods: True (accurate radius) / Standard (Adobe method)
  • Apply to straight and curve (Bézier) path segments
  • Apply to one or more points simultaneously
  • Convert non-dynamic rounded corners into dynamic interactively, by selection or all artwork
  • Convert Adobe’s round corner live Effect to Dynamic
  • Select similar radius corners
  • Expansion of corners not required for editing outside tool

Dynamic Shapes

  • Create and detect standard shapes interactively
  • Seven dynamic shape types: Square / Circle / Rectangle / Ellipse / Polygon / Star / Donut
  • Convert non-dynamic standard shapes into dynamic interactively, by selection or all artwork
  • Improved easy editing of rectangles by click-dragging edges
  • Rounded corners / chamfers may be applied at each corner or individually
  • Each shape may open or closed sliced providing arcs and further shapes
  • Set transformation origin using 9-block defaults or arbitrarily
  • Expansion of shapes not required for editing outside tool
  • Interactive and numeric control
  • Dynamic shapes can also be used for text areas, image clipping masks, Live Paint, etc.
  • NEW: “Select > Dynamic Shape” menu selection method


  • Ghost Handles for quick and easy change from straight to curved segments
  • Smart Smooth for automatically changing points to smooth status
  • Drag any line or curve segment intuitively
  • Smart remove selected points retaining the shape where possible
  • Connector points – lock curve handle angles to joining straight segments
  • Single-click conversion of single curve segments to straight lines
  • NEW: Highlight, automatically or manually remove redundant points
  • Easy selection/display of all points/handles
  • NEW: Add Points to Selected Segments providing full control and options
  • Manipulate curve segment handles simultaneously
  • Move points to horizontal/vertical tangencies
  • Split all selected segments simultaneously
  • Close path with option to keep end handles
  • Reverse path direction
  • Extensive customisation through preferences

Dynamic Measure

  • Measure anywhere on your artwork
  • Toggle following information: distance/ angle/ change in horizontal/vertical distance/ distance along path
  • Scaling factor
  • Units of measurement
  • Hover-measure information including: distance along path/ tangent angles/ radius of curve at any point
  • Draw curve normals
  • Extensive customisation through preferences
  • Use standard Illustrator arrow-heads instead of fixed


  • Quick access to Illustrator’s Constrain Angle preference
  • Three user-definable angle buttons for quick access
  • Works effectively with Dynamic Measure tool allowing you to draw at any defined angle on existing or new artwork

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