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Straighten your artwork quickly and perfectly in seconds. Take the guess work out of drawing circles and arcs exactly as you want them.

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Creating a circle based on existing path radius

Circles and Arcs Tools

Useful new ways to draw circles and arcs including by two or three points, tangents and perpendiculars. Make these shapes fit exactly how and where you want.

Orientating (straightening) artwork using the SubScribe Orient Tool

Orient Tool

Need to align your work? Want to straighten an image on the page? Easy! Use the Orient Tool and a within a few clicks it’s done. No need to zoom in to check as SubScribe gets it right.

Drawing tangent and perpendicular lines between curves using SubScribe

Perpendiculars and Tangency Tools

Connect between two curves at right angles with precision and speed. Or draw line tangents to or from curves. Anything to do with perpendiculars or tangents and these tools will do it for you.

SubScribe Connect Tool allowing paths to be connected smoothly

Connect and Straighten Tools

Smoothly connect open paths with two clicks using the Connect Tool. Flip any path segment into its horizontal or vertical equivalent with the Straighten Tool.

Tool Highlights

  • Circle by two or three points
  • Tangent circle
  • Curvature circle
  • Connect
  • Straighten
  • Arc by three point
  • Arc start-end-direction
  • Orient
  • Line tangent to two paths
  • Line tangent to path
  • Line tangent from path
  • Line perpendicular to two paths
  • Line perpendicular to path
  • Line perpendicular from path

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