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Makes precision drawing a fun walk in the park!


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Love Illustrator’s Pen Tool? Then you’ll love InkScribe even more! Work faster and more freely when drawing meticulously in vector.

New to Illustrator’s pen tool or find it time consuming and frustrating? Then try InkScribe for a much easier and smoother way to draw precisely. Save time and concentrate on the creative process rather than learning all those key presses.

Pulling a path from straight to curved intuitively using InkScribe

Reshape Segments

Want to make straight lines into curves? We’ve introduced Ghost Handles — handles that appear when you draw a straight line. With just one drag of the mouse, ghost handles transform into bézier handles, changing the line into a curve. Or simply click and drag a path to reshape.

Toggling between corner and smooth points instantly in InkScribe

Toggle Point Types

Alternate between corner and smooth points with various quick methods rather than key presses. Save time in the initial design stage, right through to the fine-tuning of your artwork.

InkScribe - creating geometric shapes with distance and angle constraint

Functions to Make Your Life Easier

Smart Remove Point

Remove unwanted points on a path when editing and retain best path shape.

Distance and Angle Constraint

Place new points in distance multiples of your choice to build geometric shapes.

Close a Shape

Just the click of a button maintaining existing end point handles.

Connector Modes

Lock curve handle angles to joining straight segments.

Extensive InkScribe preferences allowing users to customise

Flexibility: Set Your Own Preferences

With a range of settings and preference options you can set InkScribe up to behave like the Pen tool, or to support your own needs and creative workflow requirements. Use the context-sensitive annotations to reduce panel/ interface clutter, or strip the tool down to display just the very basics.

Tool Highlights

  • Ghost Handles
  • Smart Remove Points
  • Specify Corner/Smooth Points
  • Distance and Angle Constraints
  • Drag-reshape Segments
  • Connector Mode
  • Preferences – choose the way you want to work
  • Panel and Annotations – quick function access
  • Extensive customisation through preferences

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